Have you done away with your conventional telephone line? I’m giving it serious consideration here at Ranchero Indebto.

Back in the day, a family had one telephone line… perhaps two, if a “teenager’s line” was added to the bill. And a hefty bill it was. These days, everyone in the family has their own cell phone. Our wallets are casualties of modern times. After all, you can’t be you without your own number where you can reachable 24/7 (or not, if the battery runs down and you forgot your charger).

We’ve gone from one line to six, counting the VoIP line… and that land line is looking like it might not around much longer.

The phone companies have gotten fat and happy in these mobile times. They’ve always been fat and happy, of course, but they’ve got to be feeling the tightening of tens of millions of belts, as folks consider ditching their land lines to live in a mobile and VoIP-based world.

“What if there’s a problem with the local cell tower?” the phone company representative said, when asked what could be done to reduce the monthly cost of our land line.

“We have multiple cell carriers and a VoIP line,” I responded. “What can we do to cut the cost of the land line to the bare minimum?”

As it turns out, removing the Line Guard option will save us five bucks a month. The land line will stick around… for now.