Because not enough people purchased (and kept) their low cost PCs from Wal-Mart, and other vendors, long time PC manufacturer Everex has closed operations in the United States.

Everex was a company with a presence in America since 1983, and at one time, was not known for inexpensive PCs, but general purpose PCs.  Having worked on several older models of Everex computers, I can say that they were quality pieces.

Not having seen, but only reading descriptions of the newer machines, they seemed to be good values, especially for secondary machines for the family.

from Tech Connect

1983-established PC maker Everex has shut down its US operations and offices, with none of its US sites working, and a big sign on saying that ‘Everex US is now closed.’

Everex, which also has establishments in China and Japan, is known for making low-cost, more or less ‘green’ PCs, both desktops and laptops, and even netbooks (CloudBook family). Despite having very attractive price tags, Everex’s products didn’t really make waves in North America so the company has apparently taken a step back, probably forced by the current economic times, to focus on its Asian markets. Don’t worry though, Everex is probably not saying goodbye, just so long.

I’m not sure that Everex will be back, as eMachines (now owned by Acer) is trying desperately to capture the part of the market that Everex was concentrating on for the last few years.

With the price compression taking place these days, it has become harder and harder to delineate a company as different enough, because the Dells and the Gateways, and eMachines all crowd the lower dollar regions, and makes a difference of $20 in price seem gargantuan.



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