We all have a variety of programs that want to start when Windows boots up. The programs all are trying to grab CPU cycles and normally result in a lot of hard disk thrashing as stuff tries to load. We have some options that can reduce these programs from starting in the first place. But if you are like me and have programs that you want to start at boot, Startup Delayer is one option to try.

Using Startup Delayer allows the user to place a time delay on programs that can start up after boot is completed. Programs such as firewalls and anti-virus programs need to start at boot to provide your system with needed protections. But other stuff can wait a few minutes or more to start.

The interface of Startup Delayer is fairly easy to use and is straight forward. I set up some of my apps to start from 4 to 6 minutes after boot and left the important stuff unchanged. I was pleasantly surprised that my system booted up more smoothly. You can setup Startup Delayer for a visual graphical interface at start which shows the delay and which programs are loading, or you can completely hide what is happening in the back ground.

I personally find the program Startup Delayer useful plus there is another added benefit. It is free.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/XP64/Vista

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Startup Delayer download site is here.