Last night I awoke at 3:00am in the morning drowning in a cold sweat. The nightmare I had just experienced had scared me to death. Thankfully I woke up and tried to recall the dream. Oh yes, it was about those that are still using Internet Explorer 6. Naturally the question that popped into my head was WHY? In an age where all browsers are free for the downloading, why does anyone keep an old browser hanging around?

But now it seems that some web sites such as YouTube and Digg and ditching support for I.E. 6. In a recent article from it stated the following:

Pictures circulating the Web show that YouTube is warning Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 users that the video-sharing Web site will soon stop working on their browser.

“Please upgrade to one of these more modern browsers,” it requests. Then it gives links to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 and Mozilla Firefox 3.5. Actually, two links to Chrome.

This was good:

You can’t ignore, however, another probable motive. YouTube – owned by Google – is forcing a significant percentage of Web users to switch to a new browser; I’m sure Google is hoping to capture most of them with Chrome.

Love this conspiracy stuff.

Bottom line – upgrade.

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