There should be an image here!Whether the removal of 1984 eBook from individual Amazon Kindles was done because the editions were unauthorized or because of some other reason is a moot issue. To many people, it is a reminder of just how dangerous it is to put all of your faith into a single digital product to manage assets in which we paid money for.

Clearly another reason why DRM in an eBook is a really bad idea. And yet, this is what we see with the Kindle. But just like with with any controlled media, this too will blow up in the faces of those who believe that end users are going to put up with this kind of invasion of property. Oh wait, that’s right. Just like DVDs loaded with DRM, you only are able to “use” the media. You really own nothing at all. You only own something that you are free to backup, ticker with or otherwise do as you wish with. Amazon eBooks do not appear to fit into this category.

And this is why I will either buy my eBooks DRM free or in paper format. Because with paper, it would require Amazon to break into my home to “delete” something that is already in my possession. Next time Amazon has concerns about something being unauthorized, I would suggest they take it up with the original distributor rather than doing B & E on the individual Kindles that were affected. Because last time I checked, these folks purchased the devices Amazon decided to comb through, shady TOS not withstanding.