This holiday season is going to be a bit more confusing as OEM’s add CULV [consumer ultra-low voltage] to the shopping list of netbook and laptop computers. So who is who and what is what? Over at cnet they describe the units this way:

Netbooks are mini-notebooks with screens between 9 and 11 inches, that have lower-power processors, and fewer features, but very attractive price points. CULV-based notebooks are ultrathin notebooks. They come with a more traditional 12- or 13-inch screen, but are also very low-power, so they have great battery life. Starting at $600 to $1,000, they’ll occupy the price range just a step above Netbooks, which run between $200 and $500.

I guess we can than toss in the traditional laptop with screens in the 14″ to 17″ range, full featured and priced from a low of $350 up to a few grand.

So what we consumers are going to have is a lot of choices that should offer something for everyone. I personally look forward to testing one of the new CULV’s to see how they function compared to a full blown lappy.

What about you? CULV sound good to you?

Comments welcome.