There should be an image here!The idea of Apple having worked closely with Facebook early on is not all that far fetched. What is interesting however, is to ponder just what things might be like had Apple and Facebook found a way to blend themselves in a bit better.

I don’t think there is any question that Apple is missing out by not collaborating more with Facebook. But then again, Apple generally prefers to do things on their own terms anyway. So yes, for now Apple has missed the boat with regard to Facebook. But this is fine, Facebook is doing just great despite this.

Yet with all of the hoopla over Facebook, I think it is worth mentioning the same was once said of MySpace. You know, that social media company that is now circling the drain. So while all of this social web stuff is red hot right now, I do not think Apple has too much to fear from not participating with Facebook early on. A lost opportunity, sure. But I am willing to bet that Apple has enough pixie dust that if they created their own network, their users would come to it easily and happily.