For months I had problems falling asleep. I would lay down at bedtime and never fall asleep. I had no idea why this was suddenly an issue. My problems sleeping caused great problems at work where I would have to feed myself insane amounts of caffeine to function. Here’s how I solved it.

No caffeine after 7 – I once quit caffeine completely and slept like a baby. I fell back into the habit of drinking coffee and soda and it greatly affected my sleep. It got to where I didn’t even notice I was drinking a Mountain Dew at 10 at night. Even if you do manage to get to sleep, there’s no way you will get good sleep while caffeine is in your system.

Lights off – Make sure the room is as dark as you can get it. Turn off all lights, pull the curtains and shades. Light tells your body it’s time to be awake. Dark tells your body that it’s sleepy time. If you can’t make the room dark, invest in a product that covers your eyes.

Tense up, then relax – My psychologist told me to tense up one part of my body and a time, then relax that part afterwards. I would start from the top of my body, then work my way down. I’d tense up my temples, cheeks, shoulders, arms, legs and feet. Then concentrate on relaxing them all. It’s hard to do at first, but after practice you can do it all at once.

Exercise – Your body will have no choice but to rest after being put through a workout. Run in place, walk around the block, do anything to tire yourself at least a little.

Luckily I am back to getting to sleep at a normal time with these things I have learned. I hope these tips can help you as well.