I should disclose early on that I have never been that impressed with Clearwire. Everyone I have ever known that tried it really hated it for a variety of reasons. This aside, it is also amazing to me that it took the company all this time to finally get an OS X driver out the door.

Assuming you don’t mind the contract, you could always use Clearwire as a backup to your regular broadband connection, I guess. But considering how restrictive it is with its data usage, you might as well just use one of the many EVDO solutions from local mobile carriers instead. You’ll find the coverage is a LOT better than this Wimax solution.

As Clearwire opens up its latest market, in Las Vegas, I wonder if the complaints will have an opportunity to roll in from a whole new region? If you are not a subscriber, I would warn you to read the contract and the TOS VERY closely before agreeing to anything. The service is buggy — spotty, at best — and its cancellation policy provides a three ring circus most people are not going to want to buy tickets to.