Each of the newest builds of Opera 10 Beta serves to refine yet another great version of the best browser around. In taking on the concept of a browser that also functions as a server, it seems that the software engineers are having to refine and repair more than the usual numbers of tiny bugs, which are keeping the version from coming out of beta.

Though I use Opera, and have been flogging the browser really hard, each day, I find that most of these bugs revealed in the fix list are ones I have not noticed. The one bug I have found, and will warn anyone reading this about, is the synchronization feature, which will allow the offsite synching of bookmarks, visited sites in the typed list, and many of the preferences set in the browser. While this is a tremendous idea, it appears that all the bugs are not fully flushed just yet.

Far from losing the bookmarks, or sites visited, the problem is instead that the bookmarks and typed visited sites are duplicated, with each opening of the feature. This has resulted in each instance of the browser (I was doing this between my main machine and a notebook) having 3 or more duplications of each item, and instead of simple duplication, the operation of the program seems to destroy any nesting hierarchy of bookmarks, resulting in completely unpredictable duplications. I spent nearly an hour yesterday, removing about 500 duplications.

I certainly hope they get this one worked out, as it will be so very great when it is repaired – no more ‘sneakernet’  updates of important items. Several other features are already  implemented, and have already been copied by Chrome and Firefox, such as the snapshot as tab feature, and the speeddial. These are copied, and well received in other browsers, yet few seem to realize where the originating idea was found. Too bad, those people are missing a lot.

from Opera.com , the fix list –

User Interface

– Various minor improvements
– Fix for missing Thread icons in the windows native skin
Improvements to Windows Native Skin, updated statusbar icons and unite notification icons
– New icons for cascade and tile buttons
– Crash log file extention has been changed to .txt
– Button Text Padding set to 0
– Updating Page Cycler window to follow style of Pagebar.left
– Updated pagebar icons
– Proper thumbnail tab images for Windows native skin
– Vertical splitter for Windows native skin
– Improved the layout of the tail and floating pagebar toolbars when tabs are on the sides
– Fixed Bug DSK-255490 (No top border on address bar with thumbnails disabled)
– Partial Fix of Bug DSK-257584 (When sorting on size in dictionary install dialog, list is sorted on first digit): Change all dictionary sizes to Kb for easier sorting
– Partial Fix of Bug DSK-258230 (Padlock icon is stretched in Security Information dialog)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258290 (“Graphical noise” between tabs)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258769 (Limit visible files to images only in Speed Dial config dialog)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258861 (Disabling Bookmark syncing disables OK/Finish button)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258934 (Collapsed address bar doesn’t show domain name until page finishes loading)


– Fixed memory leak in cookies
– Fixed Bug CORE-22056 (Memguard crashes on svg in xhtml)
– Fixed Bug CORE-22448 (Nested SVG crashes memguarded Opera)
– Fixed Bug CORE-22548 (Posting links on someone’s Facebook wall won’t load post)
– Fixed Bug CORE-22816 (Removing an option group doesn’t remove its children from the layout)
– Fixed Bug DSK-188992 (Leading whitespace characters are stripped/collapsed)
– Fixed Bug DSK-210876 (Reload Image is ignored after unfinished image load)
– Fixed Bug DSK-225809 (Crash at inbox.com)
– Fixed Bug DSK-228378 (Can’t open PDFs with 2byte URI)
– Fixed Bug DSK-235167 (No EVENT_OBJECT_FOCUS events for keyboard navigation)
– Fixed Bug DSK-254455 (Cookies doesn’t work with Turbo turned on)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258306 (Freeze when opening specific mail)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258575 (Cannot view comments at evz.ro)

Opera Unite

– Improvements to UPnP services discovery event handling
– Fixed Bug CORE-21824 (CJK not working on main homepage)
– Fixed Bug CORE-22019 (Crash when disabling Unite)
– Fixed Bug DSK-256029 (Unite Status window not being updated): Updating dialog every 2 seconds, compressing the layout correctly
– Fixed Bug DSK-257025 (Inconsistent focus of confirmation button in “delete service” dialog): Adding functionality for simple dialogs to override protection-against-doubleclick behaviour
– Fixed Bug DSK-257790 (Crash when enabling Unite)
– Fixed Bug DSK-257931 (Add visibility of Unite users on the local network)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258193 (Overflow text in Opera Unite advanced settings for several languages)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258759 (Possible to share the folder “.” (dot) and “..”)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258766 (Possible to use .. or as Address)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258848 (When the webserver reconnects to the proxy after network outage, status still indicates failure): Setting Ok-status on proxy reconnect
– Fixed Bug DSK-258932 (Checked “restart opera unite” option in startup dialog doesn’t have any effect if Opera account password isn’t stored)
– Fixed Bug DSK-259027 (Remember password isn’t enabled by default anymore)
– Fixed Bug DSK-259028 (Enable UPnP service discovery by default)


– Additional fix to Bug DSK-145040 (Autoscrolling disabled/panning stops working when 16 Flash objects are running)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258579 (Hardcoded path “D:PFilesPlugins” causes error message for some users)


– Fixed Bug DSK-258376 (Does not successfully quit old instance after crash logging)
– Fixed Bug DSK-258377 (After recovering from a crash, Opera takes up another spot in the Dock)
– Fixed Bug DSK-259101 (Mac GetOutline method returns slightly incorrect results for type1 fonts (postscript/opentype))


– Fixed Bug DSK-258773 (Crash in pluginWrapper)

The latest build is number 1651 (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) and is available at the website. Though there are all the bugs fixed above, Opera is eminently  useful, and as I said, most, if not all, were unnoticed in hard flogging. This browser version is fully useful, and I have been using it, without data loss, or major problem for weeks. The developers at Opera tend to be hyper-critical of bugs, and shares them with the community completely, unlike some developers (*cough- Microsoft-cough*).


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