We went to see the new Harry Potter film over the weekend and to my surprise there was a horrible music video during the pre-movie advertisements that seemed to focus on some network adding some new reality shows to its lineup.  The word “cartoons” came up a lot but it wasn’t really clear how that fit into the song.  I started to get an uncomfortable feeling, I started to think that maybe this song was about Cartoon Network… I started to think that maybe they were going to start adding more live action to the network.

Then it hit me, no way would they do something that stupid, they must be about to release a new network that has a mix of cartoons and live action stuff.  But then it all became clear, Cartoon Network was going to be expanding their lineup not with live action shows or with a second network, but with live action reality shows.

I was hoping we were coming into a backlash period against the useless drama filled reality shows, that we were finally getting tired of Big Brother, Survivor, Dancing With the Starts, and American Idol.  It turns out I was wrong, now we can look forward to even more reality TV.  It wasn’t enough that every network seemed to have a reality show, now reality TV has invaded the realms of cartoons as well.