I read an article on eBay profits today. I read the part about the CEO where it says:

‘Donahoe is pushing eBay toward more fixed-price items and away from its roots as an online auctioneer.’

After reading this, I started wondering why in the hell anybody would buy anything from eBay. Back when the site featured auctioned items, the whole fun of the site was that you were taking part in an auction. The feeling of sniping another bidder and still getting a good deal was intoxicating. Now eBay is just a site where people try to sell crap at a fixed price. Every time you search for a specific item you have to read the fine print to make sure that you aren’t being ripped off or to make sure you are buying something that isn’t broken.

It’s much easier to go to Amazon or any other merchant site where you don’t have to bother sifting through thousands of lines of a disclaimer before clicking the Buy button.