GamersFirst, a service of K2 Network and one of today’s most popular free2play online game destinations, announces ourWorld is now available here.

ourWorld is a new breed of online entertainment that blends casual gaming and creative self expression in a rich and vibrant online world. ourWorld is a place for everyone to explore, play, and make friends. Included in the over 200 games in ourWorld are some of the best known casual games from developers such as PopCap, Playfirst, Sandlot and many others. All of the ourWorld content, including games, environments, videos, and music, has been created and selected to be safe for players of all ages, with a focus on material that would be fun and interesting to teens.

“We are excited to launch ourWorld on GamersFirst.” says Joshua Hong, CEO, GamersFirst. “Flowplay has created a game that has changed the face of social interaction between the youth of today by emphasizing creativity and originality along with fun in a massive online community.”

ourWorld is an island in the sky created by a group of kids who were tired of the mundane world and wanted to create a world that expressed their creativity and imagination. ourWorld’s currency, Flow, is designed to reward members for working and playing together; the more social the activity, the more members win, users can choose from dozens of social activities including games, dancing in clubs and watching videos all while earning more flow for their characters. A richly detailed and diverse environment allows the user to build unique personalities from thousands of clothing items, looks and animations ourWorld is designed with an emphasis on promoting creativity, collaboration, and cooperation in a guided online environment.