Let’s assume that this is the first day of the first job you have ever had. How will you survive this first day on the job? Let’s also assume that you were clear about the job responsibilities from the job description and the interview process. Your task on the first day then will be to settle into your office or work space, find out where key information is kept in the office, and meet your co-workers.

It is very possible that you will be introduced to many new people in the office, so you should be thinking about how you will remember most if not all of their names and their responsibilities within the office. You will probably be asked to join meetings as an observer for the first few days and then begin to take more responsibility for the tasks that are part of your job. It is also important to observe many of the office routines, staff interactions, and the management style. This will help you to fit into the office routine.

You will probably be a little anxious on your first day at work, but remember that this is your opportunity to begin to build relationships and make your first impression with your co-workers. This is an important day for you.