The short answer is that we stick with the system that we have, the long answer is that the current system stays in place and we keep spending more and more money on care that is getting poorer and  poorer, likely costing the individual more than they would have ever spent on a reformed plan.  There are those that like to say that it is unfair to make the hard working taxpayer foot the bill for the unemployed or those that choose to stay on welfare, but the poor don’t pay for health care.

The poor go to clinics or go to the emergency room when something goes wrong, they don’t pay for those things because they can’t.  Hospitals usually have a fund that pays for those types of visits and the people that pay for those funds are the middle class who have health insurance or at least make enough money to be able to pay for their medical bills – even if it does bankrupt them in the process.

There is an argument that says the system we have now might not be the greatest, but a new system has a chance of being worse AND might cost money at the same time.  Having been in the middle class and having made enough money to have to pay taxes, rather than get a full refund, I can say that I can see no way that it could cost me any more money to try a new way.  My wife and I both work and the health insurance to cover our son would have been nearly 600 dollars a month where my wife worked and over 450 dollars where I worked, and that doesn’t include the cost of insuring anyone else.  We actually make too much money to be covered by government assistance but not enough to be able to afford good healthcare and still pay the rest of our bills and eat.

An option in our case would be to get third party insurance for our son, which we tried to do but were rejected.  The rejection was because they claimed he had cancer in his eye, he didn’t have cancer, he had a blocked tear duct but when we faxed in a letter from his physician explaining that they claimed to have lost the fax.  We sent it twice.  One might say that it was a simple misunderstanding, others might say that they did not want to insure my son because, as an infant, he was sure to use need to see a doctor and some point and would therefore cost money.

Health insurance companies are run as profit making enterprises and the more people they have on the rolls that might use their health care, the lower their profits will be.  I can’t really come up with a legitimate reason to defend the current system, the only way I could defend it is if they were paying me.  They are not paying me.  If the push to reform health care fails I can’t see where we go from here, It makes more sense for me to take a lower paying job or to go on welfare than it does to continue working and be in the middle class simply because I will have access to cheaper healthcare for myself and my son.  I’d also have more money at the end of the month, we shouldn’t have a system that works that way.

It is painfully obvious that it is solely up to the Democratic party to push through health care reform, and if they fail to do it with a 60 vote majority in the Senate and a large majority in the House, I don’t see a good reason to re-elect them in 2010 if they couldn’t get the job done.  That isn’t to say that the Republican party will suddenly ascend to power again, because they are the ones most actively defending this mess of a system.