Like many of you out there, I have been hit with a number of people concerned with finding an easier way to upgrade from XP to Win 7 without putting themselves through a Vista purchase along the way. Well today I received word from a company called Laplink Software that there may be hope. Enter PCmover.

Designed to make upgrading from XP or Vista into your new Windows 7 install a snap, PCmover could very well translate into money well spent. What struck me the most was just how simple it is to use. Just run the software and follow along… it is shockingly easy.

At $40 for the home edition and $70 for the pro level option, not buying this seems rather silly to me. Sure, you could have everything done in a fresh installation of Windows 7. However for many people, going with an upgrade is really the easiest choice and it seems to me that PCmover is a decent place to get started in making this happen.