Didja ever just want to kill someone?

Or perhaps not want to kill them, but just wish they were dead?

Did you ever feel someone richly deserved death?

Fill us in via the comments, please.


In the meantime, let me get you started with a few suggestions:

  • everybody who had anything to do with the Sonic drive-through commercials
  • most if not all of Congress and up
  • HMO bean counters
  • the top part of the oil industry
  • people who don’t use their turn signals
  • drivers, bike riders, and pedestrians with cell phones
  • the IDIOT who just cut you off
  • Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
  • spammers
  • the work VP who vetoed your raise but bought a $12k electronic blackboard
  • Comcast/Verizon/[insert your provider]
  • the top 10% of Goldman Sachs
  • school districts that stage UFO crashes and alien abductions
  • iAnything users