There should be an image here!Perhaps Yahoo has forgotten it was trying to compete in search? Instead, opting to buy out more stuff it cannot really afford. Laying people off so it can buy out this wonderful piece of whatever.

Named Xoopit, this is a service that could very well be added to Yahoo’s roster of failed purchases. After all, what with Flickr making Yahoo a mint and all, buying yet another non-starter that offers little to Yahoo Mail other than wishy-washy functionality makes me wonder who in the hell is doing the thinking at the big Y these days?

So what is this Xoopit thing? Basically, a glorified browser extension. Yes, Yahoo will be buying out a browser extension for their own use. Brilliant – if I was a shareholder, I would be standing on the doorstep of Yahoo with a pitchfork at this point. While I am sure that Xoopit is simply awesome to the max, I do not see it as a wise purchase for a failing search company right now.