I struggled with this article a bit as I needed to understand why one would be putting the Mac in a class over that of a comparable PC. Then I realized that the Mac can run three platforms while a PC is stuck at two-ish. A Mac can sport Windows, OS X and, yes… Linux. Because the PC really is not designed to run OS X (licensing, etc.), this does tend to put the Mac up a notch or so.

Now, I am not really that big of Foxconn motherboards. In addition, I am also not a fan of not being able to choose what I install onto my machine in general. My wife, a rabid Mac user, thinks I am nuts. But this is just how I am. So clearly, if I had a spare grand to spend on a new machine at the moment, it would not be a Mac for the reasons listed above. Yet despite this, it seems that most people in the grand plus class will, indeed, be sporting the big white apple regardless of how I choose to do things. Go figure.

So how accurate is the linked article above? Honestly, I feel that if you look at the boom Apple has seen in recent years with OS X and the Macs in general, I am sure that it is a fact that most people spending that kind of coin are indeed, going the way of the Apple. And that is great for them. But what I want to know is how Lockergnome readers would spend a grand in computing dollars? Would it be on a Mac or a PC?