Collaboration and communication are an important part of any project or business, and that’s why it’s essential for team members to be able to communicate in whatever way works for them. Tools like Twitter have revolutionized the way people communicate, but these tools aren’t always a natural fit for the needs of a business. Because of this, other services have been built to take these concepts to a professional level. I’ve been using a service called with one of my clients, and I thought I’d highlight it here because I’ve found it to be pretty useful.

If you’ve ever used Twitter, then you’re going to feel right at home with A company’s presence can be customized and groups may be created to segment the communication. The messages are only seen by fellow team members, so your company’s presence on is a safe place to discuss what’s going on. I like how easy it is to share content / attachments, and in addition to using the Web version of the interface, I’ve also found the iPhone application to be a great tool to use.