Just as this article points out, there has been some limited speculation that the Palm Pre has not done as well as expected. And to back up this point, I would admit that I only found TV commercials and Internet ads moving about for a relatively short amount of time. Then, suddenly, I was not seeing any mention of the phone any longer.

This is not to say that the ads have stopped. Rather, that they are not as noticed as they once were. And it is here that we rethink what we know about the Pre. Right away, I know that those who own one are thrilled with it for the most part. But I would also point out that despite frustrations with Apple’s alignment with AT&T, the iPhone is where all of the buzz is at.

So this brings me to you folks. Is the Palm Pre a DOA device, despite perceived advantages? With what appears to be a cooling of events happening with Palm, I am finding myself curious as to whether you think the Pre has a shot at making a name for itself over the course of 2009 and into 2010? Hit the comments, share your thoughts.