There should be an image here!Over the past few weeks since Michael Jackson’s abrupt death, the media frenzy surrounding Mr. Jackson has been pumped up 100000 notches. His albums such have hit the billboard charts again and the Media portals such as CNN and HLN have yet to stop the banter. It amuses me that when the war in Afghanistan has taken a turn for the worse, the economy is still struggling to fight off the recession, and the much anticipated or dreaded health care reform bill is up in the air, that all we can do is talk about Michael Jackson.

Granted it, Michael Jackson is one of the best artists of all time with hits such as Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, We Are The World, and much more. I can kind of understand the hype. But give me a break; well after a month later, let’s give the man a break. He’s already dead; you can’t kick him any harder – he is at his ultimate low and he won’t be coming back from it.

The next time I have to hear Nancy Grace or Jane Velez Mitchell screaming on air about Michael Jackson, I just might go insane or keep watching for the great entertainment they provide!