Celebrities are finding it hard to know who is who on Facebook. Some are complaining that they are not able to distinguish friends from people who are just plain bored with their lives. Because of this some are making the switch to Twitter.

In a recent article it states that::

After Bill Gates recently admitted that he had given up on Facebook because he couldn’t work out which of his friend requests came from friends and which from very sad people, another of the world’s great famous people has declared her Facebook unfriendliness.

Yes, Martha Stewart, perhaps one of the most iconic cooks, has decided that she is firmly in the Twitter camp and that Facebook just has to face her rejection.

“I just love it (Twitter) so much more than Facebook,” she told the Daily Beast.

Stewart claims she gets more bang per tweet. But why knock Facebook? It’s so homely, so friendly and so very inclusive of every possible political and social view, even frightfully repulsive ones.

But the statement I liked the best was this one from Martha Stewart:

I prefer Twitter as a means of mass communication–it’s the Wal-Mart of the Internet.

I must admit I found Twitter much more to my liking as well. To me it is less time consuming to use. But that is just my opinion.

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