Always one of the innovators in computing, Western Digital has once again broken through barriers that seemed unbreakable just a few years ago. With new 2.5″ drives in sizes of 750GB and 1TB, it seems as though the company is trying its best to make 3.5″ drives superfluous in many situations.

from Tech Connect

Continuing to slap its competitors with new storage capacity records, Western Digital has now announced two new Scorpio Blue 2.5-inch hard drives, one boasting 750GB of space and one topping 1TB. Coming in a rather non-standard 12.5mm thick form factor, the new drives make use of 333GB platters, have a SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, and feature technologies like WhisperDrive, ShockGuard, and SecurePark, which enable a quiet and safe operation.

According to Western Digital, the 750GB model (WD7500KEVT) is now available for $190, while the 1TB drive (WD10TEVT) goes for $250, but, at least for now, it will only be found within the new My Passport Essential USB-connected portable HDDs. The high-capacity Scorpio Blue drives are backed by a three-year warranty.

It used to be that the reason for large sizes in computer cases was housing the main storage, and the heatsink/fan assembly. Now the main storage has been shrunk considerably, taking another step to entire system miniaturization.

Many server racks already use 2.5″ drives; it won’t be long before we see mainstream cases with 2.5″ storage bays.  The only thing left to make a complete jump downwards in size will be smaller form factor optical drives.


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