There should be an image here!First and foremost, I am a happy full time Linux user. The only time I find myself using Windows is to update my iPhone or to back it up. Even then, this is done via VirtualBox as an XP guest. Every-single-thing I do I do with a Linux box. Video editing, streaming video, music listening, blog writing, remote desktop, whatever – all Linux.

But the idea that somehow Linux is going to outdo Windows 7 is simply nonsense. Not due to value, as I think pound for pound, I am vastly more productive out of the box with Linux. Rather out of market reach, which is something Microsoft continues to win with.

It simply comes down to looking at where most people will be purchasing their products. With Dell, HP and other “recommending” Windows over anything else, suddenly it becomes a tougher sell to convince people that they would be better off looking at the alternatives..especially on something as Web centric as a netbook.