It took AT&T a while to get around to setting an end date for its CallVantage VoIP service.

The mystery is over. A letter arrived in the mail yesterday with the exact date…

All AT&T CallVantage services nationwide will be discontinued on or after October 20th, 2009.

While AT&T’s set the date, they’ve failed to provide a migration path to a new VoIP provider. They’ve suggested that customers make the move by September 29th, “to ensure sufficient time for activation,” including number transfer.

It seems odd that AT&T would miss the opportunity to profit from the transition, much less make life a little easier for its faithful customers. In the end, there may have been so few CallVantage subscribers that the profit potential fell squarely into a pile of small beans… or perhaps AT&T cares so little for its competition that it could never entertain the thought of helping their soon-to-be former customers through the transition.

It’s a shame, though … as CallVantage was a solid and reliable service.

Hello Lingo, Packet8, or Vonage. Time to close the eyes and pick.