I recently returned from my first trip to Asia, and feel obligated to share the most amazing customer service story of my life. I was invited to teach a 2-day search engine marketing workshop in Singapore & Hong Kong by Pacific Conferences.

While in Singapore, I elected to stay at The Pan Pacific Hotel. I was impressed by the venue from the very start. Upon arrival, the staff was attentive, professional and very friendly. They upgraded me to Executive Business Class at check-in, which gave me access to the Business Center, as well as complimentary breakfast and evening drinks & appetizers.

The truly remarkable experience, however, was when I received a Web survey from The Pan Pacific Hotel the day BEFORE I checked out. They asked me to evaluate service and accommodations, to which I gave the highest ratings. The only comment I provided was that the bed was a little firm (which is typical in Asia from what I understand). I submitted my feedback at lunchtime and promptly forgot about it as I finished teaching my SEM workshop.

That evening, when I returned to the hotel, I climbed into bed to catch some rest before dinner. A few minutes later, I received a call asking if the bed was too my liking. It took me a minute to realize they’d received the survey (by say 2 p.m.), read it and actually added padding to the mattress by 5 p.m.! I was stunned, but shook it off to tell them, yes, the bed was much better.

I work with award-winning boutique hotels and resorts in the U.S., and traveled around the world experiencing a variety of accommodations, but I’ve never experienced, let alone heard of such responsive service, particularly when integrating online feedback with offline service. The Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore set a new standard in service and I will be staying there again in the future.