I love me some feeds. My feed reader is open at all times when I’m on my computer so that I always have access to the latest content. I know I’ve been using RSS for quite a long time now, but it’s still just as exciting to me today as it was in the beginning. For a lot of us, having a bunch of subscriptions to individual feeds is no problem at all, but there may be situations where you’d like to be able to combine several feeds into one, and FeedMingle makes this possible.

To use the site, just enter in the feeds that you want to combine whether they’re RSS or Atom, title the newly created feed, and go for it. With FeedMingle, you don’t even have to always enter the exact feed URL because the service should be able to identify it for you. Once your combined feed has been created, RSS, Atom, and JSON versions are available to you. An HTML widget is also created for you to use however you’d like. Isn’t it fun to mix things things up on certain occasions?