Honestly, despite what some people believe, I don’t think either company is going to make much of a dent in either party’s mainstream business. No, Bing is not going to make a bit of difference to Google any more than Google’s Chrome OS is going to mean a damned thing to Microsoft.

In both cases, each company is just too embedded in their existing markets. Worse, neither company is doing anything all that different from the other to the extent that is a game changer. Even Chrome OS, using the Linux kernel, has yet to prove that it is going to be able to do anything different than gOS or Ubuntu.

But let’s be fair about this. Obviously, I am an eternal cynic. So I guess what I need to point out is that each company has an opportunity to “wow” other cynics such as myself. And who knows, with these changing times, it is certainly not impossible for either company to make a real break into new markets. Although Microsoft is not really new to the search market… but I choose to think of Bing as a clean slate as MSN was a joke. Google however, is new to this whole OS thing.