The Internet is a buzz with rumors about Apple and what the company may be working on in secret. It is either a secret or Apple is taking a page from the Microsoft play book. Leak information your self about a new product to get free press plus user interest. In any case, Apple may, just may, be coming out with a new mutitouch tablet computer. Featuring a 10″ screen the tablet may be coming our way as soon as September 2009 according to some unconfirmed sources.

One article states the following information:

The 10-inch, 3G-enabled tablet, akin to a jumbo iPod touch, is the latest brainchild of chief executive Steve Jobs. That distinction, as insiders will tell you, carries its share of baggage. Under the critical eye of Jobs, contours must be precise, each pixel of the interface has to match a particular vision, and there can be no fault — no matter how slight — or it’s back to the drawing board.

As such, AppleInsider has observed silently as the project was reset at least a half-dozen times over the past 24 months. Each time, development was frozen and key aspects of the device rethought, retooled and repositioned. At times, those close to the Apple co-founder had their doubts that it would ever see the light of day, just like a smaller PDA device he canned a few years after returning to the company.

However, the past six months have reportedly seen the critical pieces fall into place. Jobs, who’s been overseeing the project from his home, office and hospital beds, has finally achieved that much-sought aura of satisfaction. He’s since cemented the device in the company’s 2010 roadmap, where it’s being positioned for a first quarter launch, according to people well-respected by AppleInsider for their striking accuracy in Apple’s internal affairs.

That means that the device, which is expected to retail for somewhere between the cost of a high-end iPhone and Apple’s most affordable Mac notebook, is bound to turn up any time between January and March, should there be no last minute setbacks. Analyst’s following the Cupertino-based company may consider factoring first full-quarter sales of the device into their models for calendar Q2.

So the rumors are flying and no one knows for sure if and when a tablet from Apple will be heading our way.

But there is another rumor about Toshiba gearing up for a 90% flash memory production:

Toshiba will be cranking its factories out to 90 percent of total capacity. The whole “new iPods?!” rumor starts because, really, why else would Toshiba be running at full speed ahead unless one of its clients—Apple buys its flash from Toshiba—needs a whole bunch of flash all at once? And why else would Apple need flash if not for new iPods?

Or, what a minute—maybe it has something to do with that Apple tablet, which, as I understand it, will bring peace on Earth for all eternity?

I believe that a tablet from Apple would be great since it would most likely be a quality product to compete against the PC netbooks that have flooded the market place.

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Source – Appleinsider

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