isofa-picThis blog post is to all the people who have an iPhone and a Mac because a new app called iSofa lets you control your Mac with an iPhone. So first you install iSofa (download link) on to your Mac. Once iSofa is installed, an administration page ( is available from your Mac. “This page gives you the address to use to access iSofa from your iPhone. You can also change the background, change the port number, set a password to limit the access, etc.” When you have everything up and running you can do the following things;

  • Keynote Remote
  • iTunes Remote
  • VLC Remote
  • DVD Player Remote
  • QuickTime Remote
  • FrontRow Remote
  • iTunes Alarm Clock Remote
  • Browser / Launcher
  • Screen wake up
  • Screen sleep
  • Screensaver launcher

Also your iPhone doesn’t need to be jailbroken and it’s extremely easy to use. So will you use iSofa to control your Mac? Comment.

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