OK. I know most of us are already tired of hearing about the Microsoft – Yahoo deal, but the statements made by the CEO of Yahoo are just to good to pass up. In a morning Yahoo blog posting the CEO of Yahoo, Carol Bartz, made several blog entries that beg to ask the question. Has California already legalized pot? Or was their a super sale on bull shit this AM?

Better search: You’ll still find search boxes all across Yahoo!, but this deal will make the difference between a great Yahoo! search experience and an awesome one. Some of the biggest brains in the business work on Yahoo! Search, and they will continue to innovate to create a better search experience on Yahoo!. As a result of the deal, Microsoft, which has great technologists and deep pockets,will have the scale to bring users faster, more useful and more personally relevant search.

Could we say that if Yahoo was great, Bing is awesome, that Google must be stupendous?

Better everything else: With Microsoft powering Yahoo! Search, we’ll be able to focus on the things we do best -– being the center of people’s lives online with properties like our homepage, mail, finance, news, sports, entertainment, mobile, etc. Sure, we’re the world’s largest online media company and your loyalty has made that possible. But we’re not satisfied – we still want you to say “wow” a lot more often. And that’s what makes this deal especially exciting.

Hmm. The last time we said ‘WOW’ to something that Microsoft had to offer we got saddled with Vista. What will also make this especially exciting is that now all of the Yahoo executives will be able to get their severance bonuses once Microsoft takes over.

Better competition: Competition equals innovation. But with one player dominating 70% of search, that field has been pretty lopsided. This transaction will create a healthy competitor that’ll keep everyone on their toes.

Does this mean that Microsoft admits that with a 90% market share with Windows that there is no competition? Hello DOJ ! Hello European Union ! LOL

I realize that the CEO of Yahoo had to say something positive to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy all over. But the bottom line is that she should of wrote a eulogy. Yahoo died this morning. The only problem is that the people at Yahoo haven’t realized it yet.

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PS Remember what happened after Time Warner scooped up AOL? Whatever happened to AOL?