Back in November of 2007 I wrote about a problem which involved the Dell Inspiron 90 Watt 2 wire adapter. Since writing the original article I have received some 100+ comments concerning the issue. The comments originally confirmed the problem and the frustrations people were having with Dell. I then received a comment from a reader by the name of Steve who provided a possible fix.


Reader Steve wrote the following:

OK – I’ve root caused it. It is a short in the lead going from the transformer to the laptop – ie the 19.5v lead.

The wires break down inside and there is a dead short. I suspect the amount of wiggling or wrapping the cable around the transformer when packing up is the decider how soon they fail. The beeping from the transformer is a typical response from the short, the alternative of course would be heat and flames. My suggestion would be to cut the lead near the transformer and solder a new lead on, utilising the connector the other end. Making a good job with insulation tape afterwards

Whinging, whining and bleating about Dell or any other company is of course a useless activity that bears no fruit – and that accounts for 99% of the posts here. More objective comments that actually address the issue is much more valuable. Maybe the guy who moderates this forum should take this on board. Hope my work helps somebody!

Thank you Steve. Hopefully this will help someone out there who is having this same issue. One word of caution to those who try this fix. You may wish to seek the advice and assistance of a qualified person who is familiar with this problem. Trying to do the repair yourself could cause a possible fire hazard. Be careful!

Original post is here.