Over the past year or so, we have been hearing all of the reasons in the world why the iPhone is a must have. And as an owner of an iPhone 3G running the 3.0 OS, I think I am able to be fairly balanced about this. So this article presents the argument that the iPhone is not all that it’s cracked up to be. To a degree, I believe there may be some truth to this train of thought.

The first thing in the article that struck me personally, was the issue with the competition and Google. I am inclined to agree. First Latitude is forced back to the Web while the Google Voice app is straight up rejected.

Another area where I find myself in agreement is the headache of being tethered to AT&T. Forget about the fact that its 3G network is TERRIBLE, then there is the fact that the phone is always dropping calls or just sending the signal down the tubes. Yes, despite the things to like about the iPhone, it seems that there are still some significant issues. The biggest is the default US carrier.