I spent hours getting my resume just right. I didn’t have a copy of Microsoft Word available, so I used what has been hailed as an ideal substitute; OpenOffice. After downloading and installing the software, I got everything looking just right on my resume. I was ready to send it out to the world. I saved my resume in the DOC format as required by most employers. Little did I know, I had no shot at getting the jobs I was applying for. You see, when I sent a copy of my resume to a friend, they called me to let me know that nothing looked the way it was supposed to look. Items I placed on the right side were wrapping around to the left when they shouldn’t. The tabs were off also. I decided to take a look myself. What a mess!

Thinking it was something I did, I fixed the problems and tried to send it off again. Still the problems persisted. Maybe it works if you save the document in the ODP format, but the option of saving it as a DOC shouldn’t even be there if it doesn’t look the same when you close and open the file.

OpenOffice is NOT the same as Microsoft Office. In fact, since it possibly cost me several job offers, it plain sucks! Never again will I use a free product to do something so important.