I’m betting that Mr. Ballmer is not too happy about this one.  As a matter of fact, there was probably smoke observed coming from his collar as he heard that his brand new operating system has been hacked.

In my various reading, I see that apparently there are at least two methods of doing the cracking, one of which requires steady nerves, and boldness,  of the cracker, and one that is easier, but could be circumvented rather easily by Microsoft.

The latter method is described by a Tech Connect article.

The eagerly-awaited Windows 7 is still a three months away from hitting store shelves and already hax0rs have managed to activate its most expensive SKU (Ultimate). The cracking of Windows 7 Ultimate was possible due to the leak of an OEM DVD from Lenovo which contained a master key that can be used to activate the OS on PCs from multiple vendors.

By using the master key a number of people have managed to activate the operating system while offline, like OEMs would, so Microsoft can now kick off damage control to try and limit the potential of this crack. The Redmond company is betting big on Windows 7 so it can’t really afford to let this early ‘incident’ leave the door wide open for pirating its new OS. Sure, it can’t stop the phenomenon but it can try to dim it down.

While I don’t condone this behavior, I must chuckle when I see the timing. Ballmer thinks he is like Yankee Doodle Dandy, trying to pull a plum with a Yahoo deal that gets panned by Wall Street, and now this.

It’s enough to make a poor monkeyboy stop dancing.


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