My line of work requires me to help run a few companies’ Twitter accounts, and while this can be a lot of fun, it can also be challenging. Since I’m not directly employed by the companies and serve as a consultant, I only know so much. This means that when certain questions are asked, I have to turn to people internally to help me answer them. If you’ve ever tried to have multiple people run a Twitter account, then you know how complicated it can be. I’ve always just used the main Twitter site to manage everything, but I think I’m going to start using CoTweet whenever I have to operate an account for a company.

Just like with Twitter, you can tweet directly through CoTweet and monitor keywords, but this service takes thing up a notch by enabling you to manage multiple accounts and multiple users. I’ve already started using CoTweet with one of the companies that I work with and the user management makes it possible to assign tweets for certain people to respond to. This helps to make sure that things don’t get lost in the shuffle. I also like the ability for users to classify themselves as being on duty when they’re available so that messages get directed to them. Twitter is certainly becoming chaotic, but CoTweet will help us calm down and catch our breath.