Over at TechCrunch, founder Michael Arrington explained why he is dropping the Apple iPhone like a hot potato. He goes on to explain that it wasn’t the lack of coverage that AT&T provides, nor the dropped calls that he has suffered during the past 2 years, rather the arrogance of AT&T and Apple. It all started when these two, AT&T and Apple, colluded to block out Google’s Voice that provides beneficial resources in the opinion of Mr. Arrington.

He goes on to state the following in his article:

Or so I thought. Apple and AT&T are now blocking the iPhone version of the Google Voice app. Why? Because they absolutely don’t want people doing exactly what I’m doing – moving their phone number to Google and using the carrier as a dumb pipe.

So I have to choose between the iPhone and Google Voice. It’s not an easy decision. Except, it sort of is. Google isn’t forcing the decision on me, Apple and AT&T are. So I choose to work with the company that isn’t forcing me to do things their way. And in this case, that’s Google.

Arrington goes on to state that he will pay the $175 termination fee to make the switch.

We can look at this one of two ways. AT&T and Apple are trying to protect their turf plus their profitability or Google is being punished. I believe that Google remains a trusted company for many people including this writer.

What do you think?