It seems that the new FCC is already taking fast action when it comes to companies not playing nicely when it comes to cell phones. As has been previously reported by many news agencies, either Apple or AT&T has made a decision that Google Voice will not be used on the iPhone. The suspicion is that Apple is the culprit in the matter since AT&T has already said they didn’t do it.

Over at TechCrunch they have stated the following:

My, how the tables have turned. Earlier this week, we learned that Apple had suddenly begun to pull third party iPhone applications for Google Voice, citing the unconvincing rationale that they “duplicated” some of the iPhone’s functionality. We then broke the news that Apple had also rejected Google’s own official Google Voice application submitted six weeks prior, sparking a din of complaints from developers and users alike over the arbitrary and possibly anti-competitive restrictions being imposed by Apple. AT&T, too, has been a target of frequent criticism as many of us believe it may have also played a part in the decision. Of course, nobody really knows who is to blame — AT&T has hinted that it was ultimately Apple’s decision, and Apple continues to remain mute on the issue. But now we may get our answers: the Dow Jones newswire reports that The Federal Communications Commission is looking into Apple’s rejection of Google Voice, and has sent letters to AT&T, Apple, and Google to find out what’s going on. We’ve obtained copies of the letters and reprinted them below.

If you check out the TechCrunch article you can view the letters that the FCC has sent out to each company.

What is really news is that the FCC has a new sheriff in town and he’s packing a loaded set of six guns. Watch for more fireworks coming our way. The FCC is going to be kicking some corporate butt which hopefully will benefit us consumers.

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