There have been times when I’ve had to fly somewhere just to attend a meeting that probably could have taken place just as effectively online. It takes so much time, energy, and money to travel, and if at all possible, it makes sense to utilize any one of the online meeting solutions that are out there. Of course, hosting and attending online meetings hasn’t always been a smooth process. In the beginning, shared audio and video was choppy and prevented you from fully understanding what was going on. My, how things have changed. Fuze Meeting truly makes online meetings worth your time.

One of the features that they emphasize more so than the others is their ability to share content in high definition. This makes a difference if you’re used to low-res and blocky online visuals. Yes, it’s nice to actually be able to see what you’re looking at. Fuze Meeting is accessed through the Web browser on your computer, and if you’re mobile, you can also use your iPhone or BlackBerry. Sharing your screen and content is made easy, and Fuze Fetch can even help you get all of the participants ready for the meeting. The only work that you’ll have to do involves participating in the meeting.