Gnomie Jimmy writes:

Hey, Chris! I thought i would submit a top five tips list for you — and one not related to tech, for a change.

Have you ever wanted to learn guitar? Here are my five tips to getting started.

  1. Spend as much money as you can afford on your first guitar. As you progress in your education, you’ll want a sturdy guitar that will make the journey with you. Starting out with something reliable will save you from the endless hassles associated with a shoddy instrument.
  2. Get a teacher. I say this after beginning to learn without a teacher and then suffering the consequences. You will need a teacher so you learn things like proper fingering correctly from the start. Finding quick lessons on the Internet ensures that you will probably make major mistakes and have to relearn these things.
  3. Learn to play scales. Learning scales will help you with your basic fingering skills and your theoretical knowledge of the instrument. I suggest you start with the minor pentatonic scale, as it is most commonly used throughout popular music.
  4. Learn to read music, or at least guitar tablature. Guitar tablature will tell you exactly where to play the notes on the frets, however, standard music notation will tell you what notes to play and will let you play in different places on the guitar neck according to your fretboard knowledge.
  5. Know the music you want to play. Most different styles of music use different techniques. Begin by learning simple songs in that genre of music, then work your way up learning the techniques required to play that style of music.