Apparently, we, as a country, are engaging upon another build up of war materials; this time it is massive destruction by non-nuclear means.

Taking a page from the Russians, having demonstrated super massive bombs a couple of years ago, the United States has decided to embark upon the same type of weapon, improving on the ‘bunker-buster’ bombs used in Iraq.

from Slashdot

“Published reports today say the Pentagon is rattling swords in the direction of North Korea and Iran by speeding the development a 20-foot, 30,000-lb bomb known as Massive Ordnance Penetrator. This weapon is intended to annihilate underground bunkers and other hardened sites (read: long-range missile or underground nuke development) up to 200 ft. underground. The Defense Threat Reduction Agency, which has overseen the development of this monster since 2007, says it is designed to be carried aboard B-2 and B-52 bombers and deployed at high altitudes, from which it would strike the ground at speeds well beyond twice the speed of sound to penetrate the below-ground target.” Reuters has more specifics on the MOP’s chances for deployment by 2010, and the detail that the bomb’s load of explosives weighs in at 5,300 lbs.

Is this really the direction we want to take? Is this why the F-22 program was stopped, simply to be replaced by another weapons program, instead of moving the money into the main economy? The North Korean dictator is not someone who can be swayed by an ad campaign, he is fully lost in his own world. If he lives long enough to start something, his son ( a product of Western education) should have the good sense to pull back, so what’s the point?

Are we aiming this campaign to promote weaponry in another direction? Perhaps at that country that occupies 11 time zones?

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