How times change. There was a time when Apple and Google were good buddies and aligned themselves against the evil empire in Redmond, WA. The companies were such good buds that they appeared to be joined at the hip when Google’s CEO was on the Apple board of directors. But slowly over time there have been some minor rifts between the two companies, the last is when Apple rejected Google Voice for inclusion at their Apple apps store. Now that the FCC is involved, it was only a matter of days before Google’s CEO left the Apple board of directors.

So  what happens now? Will Apple and Google be doomed? I personally believe that the two companies will become healthy competitors in the computer and cell phone markets, each of the companies will have their own operating systems in direct competition with and against Microsoft. I think that both companies will continue to view Microsoft as the real threat, and will continue to compete aggressively in the market place.

However, the FTC is still going to continue their investigation into the Google – Apple relationship. When one looks as to the reasoning why any company would want a CEO from any of their competitors on their board of directors, the reasoning seems clouded in faulty judgment on both companies part.

This is just my two cents. What do you think?

Comments welcome.