Over at ZDNet, Robin Harris never fails to have an interesting column, and yesterday, he came up with another interesting take on things happening in China.

It seems that the Chinese people, though they might be ‘movin’ on up’ still are very cost conscious. As such, they have not gone for Blu-ray format the way others might have thought. Instead, they have become mavericks of a sort, reviving the HD format, pioneered by Toshiba.

Just when Blu-ray thought it had clear sailing, a tempest has risen in the East: China Blue Hi-definition Disk (CBHD). Toshiba has licensed its HD DVD to them and it will be the unit world leader in HD optical technology in just 12 months.

Why? The Times Online reports that the CBHD players are outselling Blu-ray in China by 3-1 and the CBHD disks cost a quarter of Blu-ray.

It seems that Sony miscalculated on the public’s want/need for the best quality again. The last time this happened on a big scale, we were talking about the Beta format, and how soundly it kicked the butt of VHS on quality of sound and picture. Then, as now, it appears that cost trumps anything, as the Chinese are going after the China Blue HD format like ducks to water.

Toshiba, after writing off over a billion dollars in loss not so long ago, just might be getting a little extra help from the Chinese, and who ever imagined that?

Would you take another chance on the HD format? If you have a HTC at your house, you might be interested to know that Newegg has a Blu-ray/DVD writer, that reads HD disks manufactured by  LG. Can’t you say full compatibility? I thought you could.


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