There should be an image here!I have to call BS on the idea that now more than ever is a good time for people to continue using Yahoo development tools. There are simply too many questions as to whether the YDN will even be around in a year. Let’s look at how Microsoft does development tools. Silverlight is a joke, POPfly could have been cool had MS not bothered to kill it off so quickly.

But no worries, it is not like Microsoft has a history of messing up stuff that worked great previously. I mean, Hotmail and WebTV were awful until MS bought them out. Wait, no, actually I remember both clearly being a lot better. Hotmail is a bit up in the air, but WebTV for the time was definitely better before becoming MSNTV.

Despite my own cynicism, I am going to hold out hope that the Yahoo Developer Network does not go to hell in a hand basket anytime soon. With any luck, the team that made Yahoo Developer Network great will not be jumping ship anytime soon. They have some good stuff, here’s to hoping MS does not dismiss it.