Comcast put in business service the other day.   The techs were prompt and well-informed.  They showed us how things worked and left.  Now the modem shows two ports in use when there’s nothing plugged into them.

I called the service number they gave us.  It’s not IN service.

I called an alternate number.  After 15 minutes of listening to `all of our customer service agents are busy‘, I gave up.


We have a thermostat on the wall in the office.  It says 97 degrees.  It seems to say 97 degrees a lot lately (except when it says 98 degrees).

We have discovered that it’s not really a thermostat: it’s performance art.  It does exactly nothing, which is the point of the art.

The only functional part of the `installation’ is the COOL switch.   When the masses start to suffocate or pass out from the heat, someone walks over and flips the COOL switch, which starts the air conditioner.  The temperature will continue to read 97 degrees regardless.

When we start to shiver, someone shuts off the COOL switch.

We have had all sorts of people, from building maintenance to professional A/C people in to look at this piece of …umm…. art…. and no one can seem to make it function like a home thermostat.

You know what I mean – that box on the wall that you set to 72 degrees and it automatically keeps the room at 72 degrees.

I suppose that technology is so far advanced that it hasn’t made it into the workplace yet.


  1. Comcast cable service will work after it’s installed
  2. The customer service number is IN service
  3. One can call customer service and talk to an alleged human within 15 minutes
  4. The thermostat on the wall functions

Somehow we have jumped over into an alternate universe. One where absolutely nothing works.