There should be an image here!If you want a series of iPhone games to succeed, you must admit there is a certain logic in having an ex-Apple producer sitting in the drivers seat for the games being produced. With the iPhone becoming a definitive mobile gaming platform, Namco is rocking out of the gate with a new GM that they are likely feeling pretty good about.

Clearly, this is a guy who knows how to get past Apple’s mystery guidelines as to what App Store content makes it and which goes the way of the DoDo Bird. Bundle this with the GM’s experience in understanding just what the iPhone 3.x OS can do and clearly Namco is going to be seeing themselves in a very strong position.

Perhaps most exciting of all, is Namco seeking to leverage as much of the latest iPhone technology as possible. As to whether or not any gains made here will be sustainable will largely depend on how compelling the next gen games Namco is working on happen to be.