During my workday, my inbox is the center of my world. Everything comes through it, and as usual, the flow of content quickly becomes overwhelming. As I write this, I have hundreds of e-mail’s sitting in my inbox, and I know many of you are in a much more difficult spot than me in this area. As complicated as my inbox has become, I understand the way it works, which at least helps me to be somewhat confident. I’ve reviewed a lot of task management applications before, but Nirvana is special because it looks and works kind of like your inbox so that dealing with tasks feels familiar to managing e-mail.

Tasks can be tagged and organized by project, and Nirvana spreads them all out for you so that you know what needs to be done today, tomorrow, and so on. A lot of task management applications focus on the person who’s creating the list of tasks, but this service also enables you to go beyond yourself and delegate tasks to other people. After all, let’s face it: you can’t do everything all the time.