When I saw the above headline, many questions occurred to me….

  • Is that a lot of death threats?
  • Is it more than Bush?
  • Is the number up or down?
  • How many does Hillary get?

Apparently thirty is rather a lot of death threats per day, per president.  While the figures haven’t been broken down per day, this number is a four hundred percent increase from George Bush’s three thousand per year.

Opening my rarely-used and metaphorically dusty calculator that comes with linux, I have determined that Bush’s threats came in at only 8.22 per day.  Whether the .22 is merely a threat of bodily harm or saved up toward a full-blown death threat, I cannot say.

The gist of the book from which this information comes is that the Secret Service is stretched rather badly by all these threats.  I guess they’ll need to hire more agents.

I wonder if this is what Obama meant by creating jobs…


For obvious reasons it’s a bit difficult to get accurate stats on reasons for wanting to take out the president.  There’s the economy, the handouts, and the whole steadfastly remaining black thing.

To set the record straight, I do not believe the president should be threatened, harmed, or killed.  I believe he and the mental institution called Congress should be tried for treason and hung.  Due process, all.

There was, however, an alleged plot by white supremacists in Tennessee to shoot eighty eight black people, decapitate another fourteen, then assassinate the president.

VP Biden is always traveling between DC and Delaware, keeping the Secret Service on its toes.  They are constantly flummoxed because Delaware sounds way more southern than DC (and Tennessee).


So far there has been no comment from George Bush on whether or not he feels jealous that his successor rates four hundred percent more death threats than he did.  I suspect that George isn’t looking at this the right way.  Obama gets thirty death threats per day.  Everybody wanted to kill Bush.

There is no official statement but Bill Clinton is rumored to be furious that `the colored fella’ got six hundred times more death threats than he did.  Hillary Clinton received more death threats than Bill but most were traced to Bill’s private White House line.

Meanwhile the Secret Service has left gaping holes at several public functions, due to being stretched so thin.  Calls for more agents have fallen on deaf ears (which is interesting in its own way).

Since no help is forthcoming, the Secret Service has set up the Presidential Death Threat Registry.  All potential threateners are requested to log in and make their threat online.  This will save manpower in these days of lean staff and federal cutbacks.  Unfortunately the Registry’s web page was hacked – the note says to check back later.


Meanwhile, Sean Hannity defended Ted Nugent’s alleged death threat against the president.  Quite frankly, it looked more like a raspberry than a threat but what do I know…