As if it was not bad enough that many young people are wasting way too much time playing games on computers, consoles, and handheld devices, now another twist has been added to the mix of things.


Yes, now it is possible to gamble on the outcome of your gaming adventure. Horses, sports, and world events was just not enough to be able to lay a wager on.

from Slashdot

eldavojohn writes to tell us of a new service, “,” that allows gamers to put their money where their mouth is with respect to their console gaming skill. “BringIt supports the PlayStation 2, the PS3, the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Players challenge each other on the site, but play on their consoles. BringIt holds players’ entry fees until the game is finished. After the game is done, it verifies the results and credits the winner, minus the service fee. To attract players of a broad range of skill sets, BringIt has separate tournaments meant for novice players and expert gamers. Levin compared it to the handicap system in golf or the weight-class system in wrestling.

I certainly hope this is a site that at least curtails any of this behavior of any underage sharks. At least the system has no ‘betting against the house’ complete with viggerish. Small plus.





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